01 juillet 2012

Boom Boom revient le 1er septembre 2012 !!!

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07 novembre 2011

Les albums les plus diffusés en OCTOBRE 2011 sur le réseau du Collectif des Radios Blues


1-Richard KOECHLI “Howlin’ with the bad boys” (Nation Biztribution)

2- Keith B. BROWN “Down the line” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)

3- David GOGO “Soul-bender” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)

4- Duke ROBILLARD “Low down & tore up” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)

5- The DELTA SAINTS “The Delta Saints” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)

6- Candye KANE “Sister vagabong” (Delta Groove Music)

7- Mathis HAUG “Playing my dues” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)

8- Bjorn BERGE “Blackwood” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)

9- Son ROBERTS “Tell that story” (Gate Productions)

10- Eric TER “Nu-turn” (Bluesiac)

11- BIG PETE “Choice cuts” (Delta Groove Music)

12- Jim ALLCHIN “Overclocked” (Sandy Key Music)

13- John-Alex MASON “Jook joint Thunderclap” (Naked Jaybird Music)

14- GALVIN-MILTEAU-ROBINSON-SMYTH “Consideration” (Sony Music)

15- Victor WAINWRIGHT & The WILDROOTS “Lit up!” (Wild Roots Records)

16- Steve GERARD & The NATIONAL DEBONAIRES “Voodoo workin’” (Blue Edge Records)

17- Whiteboy JAMES & The BLUES EXPRESS “Extreme makeover” (Rip Cat Records)

18- Paul PERSONNE “A l’ouest face B” (XIII Bis Records)

19- Johnny WINTER “Roots” (Megaforce Records)

20- The CASHBOX KINGS “Holler & stomp” (Blind Pig Records)

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28 juin 2010

Album découvertes saison 2009-2010


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05 mars 2010

Blues Radio Airplay



Les 20 albums les plus diffusés en FEVRIER sur le réseau du Collectif des Radios Blues.

1- Thorbjorn RISAGER “Track record” (Cope Records)(2010)

2- MALTED MILK “Sweet soul blues” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2009)

3- Eric BIBB “Booker’s guitar” (Dixiefrog/Harmonia Mundi)(2010)

4- Lucky PETERSON “Heart of pain” (JSP Records)(2010)

5- Maurizio PUGNO “Kill the coffee” (Pacific Blues)(2009)

6- Darrell NULISCH “Just for you” (Severn Records)(2009)

7- HONEYMEN “High rise fever” (Autoproduction)(2009)

8- ELECTRIC DUO “Low class blues” (LMI)(2010)

9- BO WEAVIL “Split-up blues” (Lenox Records)(2009)

10- David GERALD “Hell & back” (David Gerald Enterprises)(2009)

11- POPA CHUBBY “The fight is on” (Provogue)(2010)

12- Nick CURRAN & THE LOWLIFES “Reform school girl” (Eclecto Groove Records)(2010)

13- Elmore JAMES Jr & THE BROOMDUSTERS “Baby please set a date” (Wolf Records)(2010)

14- NAPOLEON WASHINGTON “Mud & Grace” (Fourmi Rouge)(2010)

15- Luther ALLISON “Songs from the road” (Ruf Records)(2010)

16- DELTA MOON “You’ll never get to heaven on a hellbound train” (Blues Boulevard)(2009)

17- Southside Denny SNYDER “Full circle” (Autoproduction)(2009)

18- T-Model FORD “The ladies man” (Alive Records)(2010)

19- Harriet LEWIS “Soulful stew” (Acoustic Music)(2010)

20- TAIL DRAGGER “Live at Roster’s Lounge” (Delmark Records)(2009)

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